The beautiful scenes of the coasts of Greece

When you think of Greece and its paradisiacal islands, pictures of blue and white buildings hanging on the mountains, turquoise lagoons, sunsets on the Aegean Sea and delicious Mediterranean cuisine rush into our minds... But the Greek Islands are much more than that! An outstanding historical heritage, postcard landscapes, but above all, the Greeks ' legendary hospitality makes these thousands of islands the outstanding destinations with very different characters. If you've decided to discover Greece's sea side, but you don't know where to begin, we're offering a variety of islands!

Antiparos (Cyclades)

For parents, the sandy beaches with shallow waters create it perfect for young kids. Agios Ioannis ' cave, millions of years ancient, will captivate their elders. Otherwise, there's not much more to do than jump from beach to beach: families prefer the distant bays on either side of the town, while trendy young individuals go to Apandima or Soros. And it is always feasible to drive south to Agios Georgios, a volcanic cape with tiny coves, for hermits seeking privacy. Even the most morning customers can book their own private beach.

Paxos, in total privacy

Paxos lives in the shadow of the renowned Corfu and so it's very nice! At the same moment, small and sublime, it is a real oasis of serenity that provides couples the perfect environment in search of calm and intimacy. There are lovely beaches and many restaurants serving fresh fish in Gaius, the island's biggest town. Sit on the terrace when the sun decreases to enjoy cool Ouzo facing the ocean.

Mykonos for everyone

The reputation of unbridled hedonism surrounding Mykonos is completely unfounded-in reality; it fulfills the requirements of a broad variety of audiences and is big enough to allow people from all walks of life to live together in peace. There's more to see than Mykonos ' hip, international city, with its bougainvillea-themed postcard-filled streets and sparkling Gucci and Prada boutiques for fashion enthusiasts and its Nobu restaurant and its Argentine steak house. Book a yacht charter greeceto enjoy the sunbathing or shopping day and go to Little Venice in the evening to take a shot.


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