Making the most of your holiday

The most beautiful holiday is the one you spend with your family. On a boat, the atmosphere is special and everyone has a great opportunity to talk to each other and establish an even closer relationship. Going by boat to what destination?

The perfect destination for a boat

At the moment, the festivities have closed as soon as the school year begins. With boat rental between individuals, booking requests are always on display. People have had a taste of the sea during the holidays and want to extend this pleasure by opting for a rental on fresh water, or an occasional and event-driven rental. Without denying that there are always good opportunities to get away and visit the islands.

Navigate on Mallorca

The ideal type of boat is a sailboat, a semi-rigid boat or a Catamaran. Yes, because in Spain, the wind is blowing a little strong and with a sailboat, you are well in the right direction. But a sailboat requires a skipper, and often it is the owner who is the skipper. The rent a boat mallorca costs between 300 euros to 2 700 euros, yes, the difference is due to the distinction of the boat and its interior comfort and engine.

Mallorca is a special destination

Mallorca has a beach, but it is not that perfect, of course when it comes to the Spanish region. But on the other hand, people rent a boat to admire the Gothic landscape which is well colored for a beautiful souvenir shot. It is also a place rich in history and good culture that people protect for their privilege. For this lovely one-week getaway, you have the port of Punta Negra for mooring and Punta des Carregador as well.

On this platform, almost 80% of the boats have already been rented, so if you don't want to miss the promotion, it's time to book.

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